Atlas RQ-H53


Atlas RQ-H53


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This genuine Atlas RQ-H53 UV quartz sleeve is the standard replacement for Atlas H53 UV unit



    Atlas RQ-H53 replacement quartz sleeve

    This genuine Atlas RQ-H53 replacement quartz sleeve is the standard replacement for Atlas H53 UV unit. It comes complete with a replacement O-ring set.

    The Atlas RQ-H53 quartz sleeve will last between 3-5 years naturally and that will be dependent on water quality and maintenance of your UV unit. It is advised that when you are due to change your UV lamp, you drain the system down and have a look at your UV system’s quartz sleeve. Whilst out, any build-up on the outside can be removed with a scouring pad and if very stuck, the addition of an alkaline based cleaner. This will make the newly installed UV lamp more effective and help your UV quartz sleeve to remain unsoiled.

    The UV quartz sleeves are fragile and while the glass can be touched, they should be handled with care. The biggest cause of breakages in relation to the quartz sleeves are from clients removing and reinserting them on an angle, they will freely break if put under any tension.

    The quartz sleeve is a single replacement piece for an Atlas H53 UV unit. The picture shows both ends to show they are the same and that you can’t put them in the wrong way around.