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UV Water Filter only sell geniune parts which are shipped from our fully stocked UK warehouse. We stock a wide variety of brands for domestic UV water treatment.
UV water treatment

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UV water treatment

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UV Water Filter is a UK online supplier of UV units and water treatment products, along with a comprehensive range of replacement parts. We offer a full range of UV equipment, units, lamps and quartz sleeves, all produced with the highest quality materials to treat your water.

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We even have a range of domestic UV water treatment systems that aren’t available on the website, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly UV unit that doesn’t affect the water’s taste, colour or odour, contact us today. As water treatment specialists, we’ll advise on the safest and most effective UV disinfection method that will meet your requirements

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UV Water Filter UK has over 19 years. With great experience, we can explain to you how UV disinfection can benefit you.

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Frequently asked questions

Not unless your water supply is contaminated with tennis balls. A UV unit offers absolutely no filtration what so ever. The term “UV filter” is a bit of a personal annoyance. A UV disinfection system will often come with filtration options but the UV unit itself has no integrated filtration.

Yes you can but we wouldn’t recommend it. UV lamps are manufactured to be left on 24/7 for one whole year. If the UV lamp is switched off,  then bacteria can migrate through the chamber so the next time you turn the tap on, untreated water will come out. As well as that, the filaments in UV lamps are weak so they will become damaged very quickly being turned on and off a lot.

Typically 9,000 hours or 1 year. After this, the UV lamp will still be on (you can still see the blue light) but it won’t give out an appropriate UV dose. Some UV lamps using newer technology will last 2 for years now. These are usually used for bigger applications though.

We recommend you do use a pre-filter to protect the UV unit. Without a pre-filter, quartz fouling is more likely as is UV shadowing. For drinking water you should be looking at using a 5 − 25μ filter cartridge with it.

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