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10″ Carbon Filter

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This 10″ carbon filter cartridge is a consumable item for a 10″ standard filter housing.

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    Carbon UV filter cartridge

    The carbon UV filter cartridge is a consumable item for the 10″ standard filter housing. NOT the 4.5″ large diameter housing! These use granular activated carbon or GAC and the micron rating for UV Carbon filters is around 5µ. You really want to protect them from filtering particles as this will reduce their effective lifespan and cause internal channelling. We recommend in most applications where colour and/or odour are a problem, or they are recommended otherwise. These carbon UV filter cartridges will fit into standard housings as shown in our UV filter system pictures, these use a blue or a clear bowl. They measure around 10″ in length and 2.5″ in diameter.

    Using high-quality manufacturing materials you would expect one of the carbon UV filters to last for up to 12 months. After that time you would be looking at bacteria growing through the body of the UV filter. We would expect an average carbon block filter cartridge to last for around 6-12 months before its effectiveness drops off. With adequate sediment protection, we would expect the lifespan of this UV filter cartridge to err on the longer side.

    In our experience a 10µ particle filter is the most practical one to protect this with, it does not block up too quickly while still filtering to an exceptional level. Other ratings that can be supplied on these include 5, 25µ.