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Large Filter Cartridge

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These UV filter cartridges will fit into large housings.

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    Large UV filter cartridge

    The large UV filter cartridge replacement is the consumable item for the large filter housing. You can choose the micron rating you would like in the comments section when you go through the checkout. We will provide 25 micron UV filter cartridges by default, the same size we recommend in most applications. These cartridges will fit into large housings as shown in our filter system pictures, which use a blue or a clear bowl. They measure around 10″ in length and 4.5″ in diameter, with the standard diameter ones being about 2.5″.

    Using high-quality manufacturing materials you would expect one of the filters to last for up to 6 months. After that time you would be looking at bacteria growing through the body of the UV disinfection filter. We would expect an average UV filter cartridge to last for around 3 months before you notice a pressure drop on your system. We would expect this large UV filter cartridge to last a good 2-6 months depending on your supply.

    This will come as 25µ rated UV filter cartridges as standard. In our experience the 25µ filter is the most practical, it does not block up too quickly while still filtering to an exceptional level.

    We can also supply 5µ on request. You can also mix and match the ratings you want.