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What is a UV disinfection system or unit?

A domestic UV disinfection unit, sometimes referred to as a ‘UV steriliser’ ‘UV reactor’ or ‘UV water filter’, is made up of a stainless-steel chamber that houses UV lamps that are connected to a controller.

To protect the UV lamps from the water being treated, the ultraviolet lamps are housed inside a special waterproof test tube made of very pure quartz (usually called a quartz sleeve). UV lamps are specifically manufactured to emit UV light at 254 nm, which is the most easily producible wavelength that has been proven to be lethal to DNA in the cells of the bacteria.

UV disinfection is an effective form of sterilisation.

The UV lamp breaks the DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from reproducing and effectively killing it. UV water filters are often used for water disinfection instead of Chlorine, which is used in municipal water treatment plants. It can also be used to disinfect the air induct work and rooms, as well as the surface of cartons, packaging and conveyors and can go as far as treating the actual surfaces of the food product too, without causing any harm to the product itself. All in all, UV disinfection has proven itself to be the most effective form of sterilisation.

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