top tips to buying UV lamps

5 top tips to buying quality genuine UV lamps

In our experience at UV Water Filter, we have found that our global clients have one thing in common, they all want a low maintenance and consistently performing UV lamp that produces the desired wavelength of UV for a sustained period of time.

To be able to maintain the reliability and performance of your UV lamp it is important to choose genuine parts so that you can be ensured of their quality.

Here are our top points on buying quality genuine UV lamps:

1) Quartz sleeves

The quality of the quartz tube can impact the length of the lamp’s life expectancy as it has a direct impact on the transmission efficiency of the ultraviolet light. Lower quality quartz will ultimately mean less effective UV treatment.

    Genuine quartz sleeves
    UV Quartz Sleeves

    2) Endcaps and electrodes on lamps

    It is not unusual to see discolouration at the end of some UV lamps. Don’t panic as this is normal due to the high operating temperatures and is a common occurrence. Specialist coatings and care when manufacturing can extend the lifetime of the elements of these lamps which you will receive from higher quality produced products. 

    3) Quality

    With such a wide range of applications from printing to disinfection, there are now millions of ultraviolet lamps in circulation. To cope with demand, mass production facilities have emerged in many major manufacturing economies. In our experience, less care is taken in producing the final item in such environments and this is where the level of quality can start to slip. Therefore, at UV Water Filter we ensure the manufacturers we work closely with pay more attention to their manufacturing processes and tend to produce a higher quality product. 

    Van Remmen UV unit
    UV Unit

     4) Testing

    At UV Water Filter, we pride ourselves on the high level of performance our UV lamps provide. When producing an item that must operate at certain wavelengths and under high temperatures, it is imperative that each lamp will perform as expected. This comes down to manufacturing knowledge, experience, and most importantly testing. 

    UV Lamps Atlas L Range
    UV Lamps

    5) Availability

    We pride ourselves on holding a healthy stock of our most popular lamps and quartz sleeves, ready to be shipped straight from the shelves of our UK warehouse. Many lamps are built to unique specifications, so we know it can sometimes be tricky to hold large quantities of stock for quick delivery. At UV Water Filter we are always seeking and exploring new opportunities to improve our service and lead times on our deliveries. We will always keep you informed on how long delivery will take for non-standard items.

    So, what will YOU gain from using high-quality ultraviolet lamps?

    You can look forward to:

    •  Reliable UV transmission
    •  A higher return on your investment
    •  An extended lamp life
    •  Lower maintenance requirements
    •  Less chance of breakage or failure.

    UV Water Filter have over 20 years of experience in sourcing and supplying UV lamps, quartz sleeves and other replacement parts. We pride ourselves on our level of customer services, we have a very knowledgeable team ready to support you in your UV requirements.

    Simply contact us and we will be more than happy to help.