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Large water filter with 4 cartridges

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This large water filter housing comes with 4 filter cartridges

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    Large water filter housing with 4 cartridges

    This large UV disinfection water filter housing comes with 4 x UV filter cartridges. You can choose the micron rating you would like in the comments section at the checkout. We will provide 20 micron UV filter cartridges by default, the same size we recommend in most applications. The filter housing has 1″ bsp connections on both the inlet and outlet. This will fit onto standard pipework but is easily adaptable should you find your pipes a different size. Your local plumbers’ merchant or DIY store will be able to help.

    Using high-quality build materials throughout, you would expect one of the housings to last for years. We’ve certainly never seen one wear out from use. Your UV filter cartridges will last up to 6 months where after that time you would be looking at bacteria growing through the body of the filter. A nice addition to the housing is a pressure release valve on the head that assists with releasing the filter bowl during UV filter cartridge changes.

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