Sterilight S330RL Lamp

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Sterilight S330RL Lamp


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The S330RL lamp is the replacement lamp for Sterilight S2Q-PA/PV, SSM-17 and SC4/2 UV units.

Viqua is the new brand name for Sterilight.



Sterilight UV Lamp S330RL

This genuine Sterilight S330RL UV lamp is the standard lamp replacement for Sterilight S2Q, SSM-17 and SC4 UV disinfection units. It comes complete with two replacement O-rings.

The 17W UV lamp gives a 30mJ/cm² dose at the end of UV lamp life at 1 year. This means that you will get slightly more when you turn the UV disinfection lamp on for the first time, and from there it will reduce downwards. After the year, it is not seen as being effective as a disinfectant.

The Sterilight S330RL lamps are fragile and the glass should not be touched, this is for the same reason as car headlights. The UV lamps run hot and the oil on your hands will mark the glass and create a weak point. If you have to touch the glass part of the UV lamp, you should wear gloves.