Wedeco NLR1825WS Replacement Lamp


Wedeco NLR1825WS Replacement Lamp


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Replacement lamp for Wedeco’s NLR 1825 WS



Wedeco WLR 1 UV Lamp

This is a direct replacement for the Wedeco NLR1825WS UV disinfection lamp. It is a standard output UV-C lamp that goes with Wedeco’s residential UV systems. This is also known as a WLR-1.

This UV lamp will be compatible with all Aquada, Ultima and Proxima models with a 1 designation.

This replacement UV lamp has been manufactured with quality in mind. They are built to meet or exceed the quality of the of the Wedeco NLR1825WS UV lamp that they replace. This UV lamp is designed to operate for 1 year of constant running (just like Wedeco originals).